Put the excitement back into your math lessons by creating fun and engaging resources built specifically for your students.

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How can you quickly create engaging, fun math resources tailored for your students?


I know what it’s like…



You want your students to be excited about math, but finding the right resources in a sea of choices makes your head spin!



You’re barely keeping your head above water trying to find creative resources, adjust them to fit your students’ needs, and figure out how to distribute them digitally. There has got to be a better way!



You’ve been thrown into this world of digital learning with a new platform to figure out every day…



Some days you feel like a new teacher again. You don’t want to throw out years of your favorite lessons, but it seems like they’re being left behind because of the “latest and greatest” math activities out there.


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Let me guess...


✔️ You've thought about creating your own resources, but you're feeling totally overwhelmed by all the options for creating. Where am I supposed to start?!


✔️ You never have enough TIME to create meaningful lessons because you're spending so much time trying to sort through the tech. (No, I don't want to send another e-mail to my school's tech support... thank you very much.)


✔️ You have this nagging feeling that your students are bored, confused, and maybe just as overwhelmed as you are!


I think you already know...

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You're a creative and resourceful teacher!

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You know your students and their needs best.

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You CAN bring the excitement back to your math class!

What if you could make beautiful resources just like these?

It's totally possible, and it doesn't have to take up your precious time.

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It's time to build your math legacy with a library of resources that put a fresh spin on your best teaching.


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Customize your activities and lessons based on the unique needs of the students in your classroom. (Talk about differentiated instruction!)

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Put your own spin on the content you love, creating new and exciting activities that you're proud to share with your students and colleagues.

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Earn money for all your hard work by sharing your amazing resources with teachers around the world.


Math Resource Academy

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An online course to learn how to create simple, professional, engaging printable and digital math resources.

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Hey there, I'm Lindsay.

I'm a nerdy, math-loving toddler mama who loves coffee, hiking, and hanging with my fam.

I'm a former high school math teacher turned full time resource creator.

I've been creating math resources for 10 years, and I absolutely love to empower math educators around the world to create their own amazing math resources.

I believe creating math resources should be simple and efficient. You deserve your nights and weekends back!

That's exactly why I created Math Resource Academy. For teachers just like you!


It's time to sharpen your resource creation skills!


✨ You have all the skills, drive, and passion you need to create interactive, engaging lessons that have your students begging for more.


🎉 Toss the confetti, because your days of searching the internet, stressing about how to find resources to make math engaging are OVER.


🙌 Imagine a resource YOU created with your students in mind, something that builds on your years of experience by combining it with just the right amount of digital flare.


👨‍👩‍👧 Get your nights and weekends back! Your lessons will be prepped and ready to go in less time than it takes to figure out what's going on in that random activity you found online.



👉 This is math class by YOUR design.👈




💻 Remember that feeling when you'd prepare an amazing math lesson you couldn't wait to share with your students? We're going to do that again by sharpening your digital creation skills.




💗 Oh, and we're gonna keep this SIMPLE. I know you don't need one more thing on your plate. (In fact, I'll help you take things OFF your plate, sound good?)

Get an exclusive look inside MRA

Take a sneak peak inside Math Resource Academy and see everything that's included!



Here's how it all shakes out...

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Program Basics

We aren't leaving anyone behind. Learn all the basics to get you started! 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • The programs to use (including PowerPoint and others)
  • How to set up your page
  • PowerPoint-specific tips and tricks to save you time
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Fonts, Clip Art, & Terms of Use

Make your resources pop with fonts and clip art.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Where to find the best fonts and clip art for resource creation
  • How to install fonts and use them in various programs
  • How to abide by the terms of use for font and clip art creators
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Shapes, Symbols, & Equations 

Math graphics and symbols will no longer be a mystery.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • All about the equation editor
  • How to create various geometric shapes including 2D and 3D
  • How to quickly create a number line
  • Elementary-specific math graphics like fractions, base ten blocks, and more (I got you k-5 teachers!)
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I love accurate graphs and I cannot lie!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Create coordinate planes to use now and for future use
  • Basic graphs (linear and quadratic)
  • More advanced graphs like polynomial, trig, conic sections, step functions, and more
  • Statistical graphs
  • Basically any graph you could ever want to make!
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Making Resources

Let's apply what we've learned.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Specific resource tutorials like task cards, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, mazes, and more
  • Classroom decor such as labels, bulletin boards, and posters
  • How to make your resources POP and stand out from the rest
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Ain't nobody got time for that!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Time-saving strategies I've learned from over 10 years of resource creation
  • How to create problems for your resources
  • Even MORE tricks for PowerPoint 
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Digital Resources

Let's get digital, digital!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Options for creating digital resources (what programs to choose!)
  • ALLLL the tutorials for Google™ and Microsoft™ activities including mazes, mystery puzzles, task cards, escape rooms, pixel art, and more
  • Digital templates to get you started!
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Selling Your Resources

Let's start a biz! You did the work, now reap the rewards!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Various options for selling online
  • Intro to marketing
  • Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers (in-depth tutorial)
  • Ways to automate your business to save you time

Save time by following the Math Resource Creation Method


We're taking this step by step. You will not be left behind! We'll start from the basics and work our way up the pyramid until you have a resource you're proud to share!

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Check out these results...

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"Lindsay is THE go-to girl for teaching you how to make unique, high-quality professional mathematics resources!  She gives you shortcuts, tips, and tricks on how to easily implement anything you can imagine into your resources! From making graphs, inserting tables, grouping objects, taking pictures of your resources, etc.  She has an easy step by step method to follow for everything. Lindsay even shows you how to take your resources and make them digital!  She is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about all things math!  I am so happy to have found her to help me with every single detail when it comes to creating math resources!"


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"This course helped me a lot, I had been wanting to learn how to make my own resources for a long time but just didn't know where to start. From getting new fonts to creating graphs since when you copy paste they don't look the same and fade, to creating a scavenger hunt and task cards. I had used Power Point before but only for presentations and in this course it taught me that we can do so much more with it." 


"Lindsay's easy step-by-step directions helped me create the graphs I needed!"


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Here's how your school can pay:

 1. Show your principal the informational flier here.

2. Direct them to this page if they need more info (

3. If they approve, send them to for info on setting up a purchase order

4. Once I receive the purchase order, I'll email your login info for the course!

Wanna hear the best BONUS of creating your own resources?


✔️ You will be proud to show them off to your students...



✔️ Excited to share with colleagues...



✔️ And THRILLED when you realize you've developed a skill that can also earn you an extra income! (If you want to!)



🎊 Yep, you heard that right. When you perfect your resource-creation skills, you're developing a library of resources that can also support teachers around the world!



You're going to be creating high quality resources that can easily be sold online, and I can help you do it!



This is a solution for NOW and for the future.


You're also going to get access to:

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Boom Cards

Lauren Fulton shows us how to make Boom Cards from start to finish

Placeholder Image

Advanced Google Sheets

Erin from Battmatics shows us how to make advanced Google Sheets activities


Placeholder Image

Accessible Math Resources

Julianna from CollaboratED shows us how ensure our math resources are accessible for all students

Placeholder Image

Curriculum Mapping

Kayla from North Dakota Teaching shows us how to map our curriculum for the year

Placeholder Image

Student-Centered Math Resources

Mona from Local Learners teaches us how to create student-centered resources

Placeholder Image

Digital Planning

Lauren from Mrs. Casias Math shows us how to plan for the school year digitally


Placeholder Image

Graphic Design

Stacy Aguilar shows us how to use Canva templates to DIY our graphic design


Placeholder Image

Fonts from iteachalgebra

Rory at iteachalgebra gifted us some beautiful fonts for resource creation


Placeholder Image

Fonts from Biddy's Math Binder

Elizabeth at Biddy's Math Binder gifted us some amaizng fonts for resource creation


Placeholder Image

Clip art from Designed by June

Lyndsay at Designed by June created some beautiful, math-specific clip art for us


Placeholder Image

Clip art from Buynomials

Taylor at Buynomials created some beautiful, math-specific clip art for us


Wins from the MRA Facebook Community

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"The best thing that I have done for myself professionally!"

-Heather S.


Math Resource Academy is for anyone who...




✔️ is a math teacher (elementary, middle, or high), math/science tutor, or math/science coach, or secondary science teacher with math-heavy courses (ex. physics)




✔️ doesn't know which programs to use for making math resources



✔️ struggles with the technology behind making math resources




✔️ can't find the time to make math resources



✔️ doesn't know how to create problems or find content for their resources



✔️ wants to learn how to make digital math activities for Google Drive™ and/or Microsoft Drive™




✔️ is tired of wasting time and money on math resources that don't meet their expectations



✔️ wants to improve their students' academic success




✔️ is interested in eventually selling their math resources online



Just think how excited your students would be for resources like these!

And how the resources would meet their needs because they were created by YOU.

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Ready to make WOW-worth resources?



Frequently Asked Questions


Here's what you get when you join.

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Instant access to 50+ step-by-step training videos

(value = $997)

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Printable PDF notes that follow along with each tutorial video

(value = $197)

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Fully customizable templates to save you time
(value = $97)

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Beautifully curated fonts to make your resources stand out

(value = $97)

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Math-specific clip art to make your resources look professional 

(value = $97)


Placeholder Image

Private invitation to the Math Resource Academy Facebook Community 


(value = pricleess!)


Placeholder Image

Monthly resource challenges to keep you motivated


(value = $97)


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Feedback from Lindsay and other teachers

(value = $97)

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Bonuses GALORE

(value = $1,000+)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $2,600+

but you can enroll today for a special investment of just $297.


$2,600 $397

One Payment

  • Instant Access to the complete Math Resource Academy course 
  • Printable PDF notes for each video
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Fonts, math clipart, and borders
  • Bonus lessons from other amazing math teachers
  • Lifetime access including all future updates
  • Monthly challenges to keep you motivated


$2,600 $77

6 Monthly Payments

  • Instant Access to the complete Math Resource Academy course 
  • Printable PDF notes for each video
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Fonts, math clipart, and borders
  • Bonus lessons from other amazing math teachers
  • Lifetime access including all future updates 
  • Monthly challenges to keep you motivated

"Lindsay's Math Resource Academy was life-changing for me!"

-Chelsea M.


You're covered by our guarantee.

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We have a 7-day no hassle money-back guarantee. We are sure you'll LOVE Math Resource Academy! 

But if you join and find it's not for you, just reach out within 7 days for a full refund. 

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Still not sure?

I promise to be there every step of the way.  


My passion is helping teachers.


When I'm not hanging with my fam, I'm serving teachers. My job is to help you. And it's a dream come true.


I know I can help because I've been where you are. I'll be your biggest cheerleader, and I'm already so excited to see what you create!


"It's so much easier and so quick to make these resources!"

-Jessica H.

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I've been there.


In 2011, I was an exhausted first-year math teacher without a textbook, pulling all-nighters scouring the Internet for high school math resources. I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

Sitting down in front of my laptop, I opened Microsoft Word to try my hand at DIY-ing my math resources. Let me tell you--they were UGLY. One wrong move would ruin the entire document. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

But it was better than searching for resources, editing them to fit my students' needs (with tons of Wite-Out!), and still having to adjust problems mid-lesson.

I started researching better ways to create resources and looked into some new programs. (Turns out PowerPoint was MUCH easier to navigate than Word... who knew?!) I  discovered I could create accurate and beautiful graphs with Excel. 

The more I created, the more I loved creating. My students started performing better, and I felt like I finally had my life back.

Wanna know the best part? Because I was creating tailor-made resources for my specific students, they were actually enjoying class! 

It's time to reclaim your math lessons for your students and for YOU.

I'm ready!

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